Breast Enhancement Procedure

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Breast Enhancement with filler

Are you sick and tired of applying creams that claim to enhance your cup size, but do NOT work?
Do you want to have a fuller figure, but still can’t get over the fear of surgery?
Do you “need” a cleavage for your upcoming wedding photoshoot or your impending customary dinner?
Do you want a “preview” of how you will look with a cup size bigger?
Or are you just not ready to take the plunge for a full surgery?
If so, our non-invasive breast filler injection may be for you.
While a lot of our patients opt to go for breast implants, our breast filler service is equally popular. The advantages of breast fillers are that there is no scar, the downtime is minimal, and the look is extremely natural.
What’s in the filler?
scarless breast enlargement with breast fillers
Breast fillers are compounds similar to face fillers which are injected into the breast from an inconspicuous injection point. With fillers, there is no operation needed to achieve up to 1 cup size enhancement of the breast. There is little downtime, and you will be able to get back to work the next day. At our centre, we use fillers such as Hyacorp, which are made mainly from Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid is a compound which is naturally found in your body, under the skin. After it is injected, it is slowly digested in the body andbroken down into bio-compatible products, which are removed by your body. Hyaluronic Acid is very safe, and one of the big advantages of Hyaluronic Acid Fillers is that if you do not like the effects after injection, it is easily removed with an injection of an enzyme to digest the filler.

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Frequently Ask Questions

How long does it last?

Dependent on the brand used, Hyaluronic Acid Fillers can last up to 18 months and some even beyond two years. By the time half of the filler volume is gone, the effect will not be as visible as when you first placed the filler. Hence, most ladies opt for a top-up at 1 years time, depending on the brand of filler used. Hyacorp fillers tend to be faster absorbed because they are made from a compound which is naturally occurring in the body. Hence, the body knows how to digest and remove Hyacorp from the body faster than it can remove something like Aqualift. The short duration is actually a blessing in disguise, because then the body will not have a large foreign body in the breast for too long, and would not cause fibrosis or granulomas (lumpy masses) in the breast.

Who is suitable for breast fillers? Naturally Small Breast

Many ladies have naturally small breasts for various reasons. When a filler is injected below the breast tissue, it presents your own breasts forward, making it appear better endowed. If you have some amount of breast tissue, then you will feel your natural breasts on top of the filler.

After pregnancy

After pregnancy and especially with breast feeding, the breasts may sag as a result of loss of supportive breast tissues, and loss of volume of the breasts. By restoring volume to the breasts, fillers have an obvious lifting effect for such patients and restores the fuller look they have prior to pregnancy. We have many patients who opt for augmentation after pregnancy to bring them back to their breastfeeding size.

One size up

Some ladies with reasonable sized breasts opt to have a filler to get to a desired breast size. This tends to be the most ideal situation because with an adequate amount of breast tissue, the filler is not really able to be felt under your existing breast tissue, and thus the feel is extremely natural.

Who are unsuitable for fillers?
scarless breast enlargement with breast fillers

Ladies with hardly any breast tissue, or who have saggy pendulous breasts are unsuitable for breast fillers. In the first situation, there is not enough breast tissue to cover the filler and thus the feel of the breast becomes firm and unnatural. In the second situation, too saggy breasts are unable to be helped with a filler due to the excessive drooping. In both of these situations, a breast implant may be more suitable. A consultation with our doctor will let you know whether you are unsuitable for fillers or not.To find out if you are suitable to undergo this procedure, a thorough consultation is necessary with our physicians, during which, a detailed history and examination will be taken and the details of the procedure explained. A mandatory ultrasound test is necessary to rule out any breast problems, so that we are able to distinguish filler related problems from real breast problems.


The price of breast fillers is from SGD3,900 per 100cc. This will be sufficient to increase most regular built ladies from an A cup to a B cub breast. However this may not always be the case as ladies who are taller and broader chested may need more cc to achieve the same result. Our doctors will advise you accordingly during the consultation.


Other options you may consider for breast augmentation include breast implants and breast lipofilling. Breast implants involves the use of silicon implants inserted under your breasts to enlarge them. The advantage is that maximal enlargement of the breasts can be achieved. With breast lipofilling, your own fats are harvested from a part of your body with excess fats and this is injected into your breast to make it larger. With breast lipofilling, the main advantages are that the feel is completely natural (of course, because it’s your own fats), and that there is no surgical scar.

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