Non-Surgical Buttock Enhancement Procedure

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Buttock Enhancement with Filler

Such is life that some areas of the body can be sculpted and trimmed through good diet and exercise, but other areas need to be filled out for us to feel that we are perfect. The breasts and buttocks for example, are almost impossible to add volume to in this way, even with focused exercises. The breasts and buttocks are areas on a woman that men deem to be points of attraction. Terms like ‘butt man’ or ‘breast man’ refer to men with a partiality for those parts of the female anatomy. This perhaps reflects the importance of these body parts from an aesthetic point of view. Until recently, the only option for increasing volume in these areas was with surgical implants. However, not everyone is comfortable with the idea of going under the knife. Understandably, surgical procedures do come with their own set of risks and if given the choice, many would prefer a minimally invasive procedure with less complications, downtime, and scars!

Fill Me Up!
The answer can now be found in dermal fillers, which have been around for quite some time and have become one of the more popular facial rejuvenation options. From filling up lips to plumping out hollow cheeks and even reshaping the chin or nose tip, doctors are using dermal fillers more and more these days to add or restore volume in certain areas – they are safe, cheap and convenient.
However, dermal fillers are not indicated for use in body shaping. Although fillers like Aquamid® and ArteColl® have been used by some to shape the breasts and buttocks, plastic surgeons on the whole are cautioning against it.

Experts comments, "Dermal fillers have been developed for use in the face and injecting it in other parts of the body like the breasts or buttocks is not advisable. One may not get the results desired and dermal fillers are not cost effective enough for shaping the body."But fillers for the body have now come onto the market. One such example is Macrolane™ VRF (Volume Restoration Factor) from Q-Med, which offers volume restoration and shaping of body surfaces.Plastic surgeon says, "Macrolane is the first hyaluronic acid product to be launched for volume restoration and contouring of body surfaces that is based on Q-Med’s proven and patented NASHA™ (non-animal, stabilised hyaluronic acid) technology." Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring polysaccharide (sugar derivative) found in the structure between cells in all tissues of the body. It is, therefore, a biodegradable and biocompatible material, making its use in body shaping predictable and sustainable.

The efficacy and safety of a hyaluronic acid dermal filler for the face which was introduced by the same company more than a decade ago, has been widely documented and published. Macrolane, however, was specially created for body shaping. "Unlike dermal fillers, Macrolane has a thicker gel which allows it to provide enough lifting capacity to be injected in large volumes safely, and yet, be economically feasible,".--> While currently indicated for volume restoration and shaping of the body (the breasts, buttocks and calves), Macrolane can also even out discrepancies on the skin surface of the body, such as those caused by liposuction. Macrolane can also be used to improve the appearance of deep, disfiguring surgical scars.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Am I an ideal candidate for butt augmentation?

An ideal candidate for butt augmentation is seeking a better defined backside. Additionally, they should be someone who is at least 18 years old, physically and mentally healthy, and seeking improvement rather than perfection.

What are the risks and side effects associated with buttocks augmentation?

The risks and side effects that may arise with butt enhancement include negative reaction to anesthesia, infection, excessive bleeding, butt implant shifting or rupture, and/or asymmetry. When using fat injections in the buttocks for enlargement, a patient may need one or two follow up procedures because this technique isn’t as long-lasting as butt implants.

How is the buttock augmentation procedure performed? How many techniques are available?

There are two techniques used for buttock augmentation: buttocks implants and fat transfer to the buttocks. With implants, an incision is made low on the buttock, where the crease meets the back of the thigh, and the butt implant is then inserted. Or, fat can be taken from one area of the body and injected into the buttocks with a syringe.

Does buttock augmentation look fake? Will I be able to tell the difference on myself?

If performed correctly, buttock augmentation should appear natural. Others may not be able to tell that you’ve undergone the procedure, but you should notice an enhanced butt size and shape. Fat transplant results are more subtle than those produced by butt implants.

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