Neck And Chest Skin Rejuvenation

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Neck And Chest Rejuvenation

Because our hands, neck and chest receive so much exposure, it is one of the first places to start showing visible signs of aging. Natural aging, and exposure to sunlight, causes this appearance. The more common visible signs of aging include darkened spots (a.k.a. “age spots”) and pre cancerous growths. A loss of fatty tissue also occurs, making our hands look bony. Rejuvenation treatments can help restore the hands, neck, and chest to a more youthful appearance. Various treatment options are available, so one treatment or a combination can be used to help achieve a look that patients desire.

Neck and chest skin rejuvenation With the increasing popularity of various cosmetic surgery procedures, including hand, neck and chest rejuvenation treatments, it is important that the prospective patient research and understand different issues like what the procedure can and cannot treat, inherent risks, costs, and other factors. Keep in mind, aesthetic procedures is just that – a procedure whose results cannot simply be erased. While the information contained in this web site will provide you with a good introduction to rejuvenation treatments, when considering this or any other cosmetic procedure, we recommend that you consult a qualified provider with significant experience. Some important elements you should understand regarding this procedure include the following:
Who would best Represent an Ideal Candidate for hand, neck or chest rejuvenation treatments?
Those people looking to enhance the appearance of their hands, neck and chest would represent an ideal candidate for rejuvenation treatments. Although reasons vary from person to person, the more common include: Enhancing appearance and boosting self-confidence.

Becoming less self-conscious about appearance.
Achieving smoother looking skin.
Regaining a more youthful look.

However, the prospective patient must also be aware that aesthetic or cosmetic care is designed for head neck and chest skin rejuvenation image orange countyimprovement, not perfection. Patients should have realistic goals and expectations for their hand, neck or chest rejuvenation treatment. Be sure to discuss your reasons for wanting to undergo this procedure with the doctor during your consultation visit. This will also help determine your candidacy for the procedure..

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Frequently Ask Questions

What can be expected post-treatment?

Your skin will be sensitive and will need to be protected from the sun. Any swelling should be minimal and can be treated with cold compresses. The red and brown areas should flake off after a few days.

How soon will results appear?

Noticeable results appear after the first few treatments.

How long does the Neck & Chest Rejuvenation treatment last?.

A session lasts around thirty minutes.

What conditions respond best to this treatment?

Dark spots, redness, aging, freckles and sun spots all respond well to Hand Neck & Chest Rejuvenation.

Who are candidates for Neck & Chest Rejuvenation?

Healthy individuals with minor blemishes are likely to be candidates for Neck & Chest Rejuvenation of the hands, neck and chest.


Any individual who desires improved chin shape and projection may be a good candidate for chin augmentation. Patients who would like to avoid surgery or an implant, but would like to improve the appearance of their chin, would also be good candidates as well.

Who should avoid Neck & Chest Rejuvenation Rejuvenation?

You may not want to have Neck & Chest Rejuvenation of the hands, neck and chest if you have a history of excessive scarring, excessive bleeding or bruising, sun sensitivity, keloid formation or poor healing. Those with a family history of skin cancer should talk to their doctor about whether or not to proceed with treatment.

How does the treatment feel?

You will experience minor discomfort similar to a mild sunburn.

How long do the results last?

The effects of Neck & Chest Rejuvenation can be permanent if the skin is well cared for. What are the limitations of Neck & Chest Rejuvenation of the hands, neck, and chest?

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