Patient's Testimonials

Destination for All Your Skin Problems Ends Here...


For years I suffered with back and neck pain. I thought I would have to live with this discomfort forever until I learned of the payment options from CareCredit. I found a wonderful doctor who performed a breast reduction surgery and words can never express how much better I feel. Thank you, CareCredit, for a renewed lease on life!"

Judith R.

"Because of CareCredit, I was able to have eyelid surgery. Besides giving me confidence and boosting my self esteem, it also improved my vision. I could not have had the surgery otherwise. Thank you so much CareCredit!"

Sherry D.

"I had scars from two C-sections and extra skin in areas that neither exercise nor diet would improve. I wanted to have surgery on my stomach but I couldnt afford it, and my health insurance wouldnt cover it. CareCredit allowed me to finance these services with a reasonable repayment option that would not hurt my bank account or my ability to take care of my other financial obligations. CareCredit has been a blessing to me."

Janice J.

"My doctor advised me to see a specialist about the veins in my legs. They were so bad I thought I would need surgery. When I found out they could be treated at the vein center, I applied for CareCredit and had treatments over the next four months. This summer I will finally be able to wear shorts and skirts for the first time in 20 years. Thanks again CareCredit!"

Diana M.

"I lost 160 pounds in 2 years through diet and exercise. I was ready to complete my journey with a tummy tuck. Thanks to CareCredit, I was able to have the surgery and now I feel like a million bucks on the inside and out!"

Hilary S.